Run for the Cure

There are no words to describe the feelings and emotions that I get when I participate in the CIBC Run for the Cure cancer run/walk. This was Jamie’s and my 7th year, Lahni’s 4th, Joel’s 2nd and Emma’s 1rst, and each year it is such a moving experience. I am not an emotional person as you all know, but from the first glimpse you get of that milling crazily pink clad throng I am almost constantly choked up. We walk through the neighbourhood of Willow Park and many of them decorate their trees with pink ribbons and/or pink bras, big string of pink bras across the road, have a pink teddy bear picnic on their lawn, bands playing on their driveway, dancers. People stand outside to wave and cheer us even last year in the rain and snow.  There is even one home that puts out a sign offering to let people use their washroom. Can you imagine opening your home and washroom to 12,000 plus strangers?  In your run packet you are given a ‘Who are you running for?’ sign and each year that brings many heart breaking messages.  One of the ‘Who are you running for’ signs I noticed this year was a 25 to 30ish young man’s sign which read “My Mom, I miss you”  I feel so fortunate to be a ‘pink survivor’ celebrating almost 11 years.  I am also so grateful for children who support me and the cause.  Thanks guys I love ya. DSC_0072

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  1. Jamie says:

    It was a good year. Thanks Mom!