New Years

There were markets like this in every little village that we drove through, getting ready for Vet (New Years)
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Stopped at a temple built in the mountain caves. Our guide said Vietnam army hid there from the American soldiers.
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Van Long Reserve. We stopped at the Van Long Nature Reserve to be rowed along a stream, through the rice paddies and through some limestone caves, along the Karst mountains. The scenery was beautiful and our little rower just powered us along. She was a older lady who had no problem until close to the end when she started to mimick being tired and how hot it was, but it worked, she got her tip.
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New Years Eve in Ninh Binh
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Temple dedicated to an Emperor
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Lily pad flower
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Very large Buddha
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This bunch of kids were following us and finally got up the courage to ask to have their picture taken with us.
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  1. Lahni says:

    It looks so warm.

  2. Jamie says:

    Fun pics. Can’t wait to hear more about it!