Departual and Arrival

After rushing out of downtown London (you don’t rush the tube), back to our hotel, grabbing our suitcases and rushing back to the tube (Tim almost falling down the stairs carrying both heavy suitcases) we made it to the Heathrow Airport. As I went through the scanner at security, of course I set it off so I had to go through the full body scanner which I lit up like a Christmas tree. I then got to be a lot more intimate with the security lady than I really wanted to be and she still didn’t find anything, so I now get the wand. This still shows lots of hot spots, one of them on my bare calf that she can she see. She still gave it a through pat down and finally gave me the green light. Checking in, put us in a room, which a bus pulled up to and took us to our airplane and there we sat for an hour because of stormy weather.
We arrived in Prague to a beautiful, new, entirely empty, airport. Going through customs I’m sure that the customs guys previous job had been head death pronouncer with the Communist regime, I have not seen such a stern scary man. We collected our luggage and headed out to meet our driver, so cool to be the cool ones with a driver waiting there with a card with your name on it. Unfortunately our driver must have worked side by side with the customs dude for the communist death squad, not a smile and hardly a word. Our drive took us through this totally isolated, wooded area with not a soul in site. The Czech radio announcer is blaring and then an English pop song comes on, weird.
We had to ring the bell at the hotel and as we are waiting for the door to be opened I look up and see the biggest spider that I have ever seen, actually quite a few, I’m feeling a little like it is time to go home about now. We arrive safely in our non air-contitioned room with an open window.
Me, “There’s a screen in that right?” Tim checks, “Of course”. Next morning, Tim “Oh, I guess there isn’t a screen here.” Oh well it was stifling, and we only had a fan.
Welcome to Prague.

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