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Going-to-the Sun-Road

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

It doesn’t matter how many times we travel Going-to-the-Sun road over Logan Pass it never fails to amaze me by how spectacular it is.  We have gone over the pass at least 8 times this year and many more times over the years.   I have many memories as a child of going for a Sunday afternoon drive, to the top of Logan Pass or sometimes a little further to the “weeping wall” to see if it was weeping.  My mother was always nervous  driving so close to the edge of the cliff, so my memories are not only of the beautiful scenery, but also of my mother gripping the dashboard and crying  “JAY….JAY….”.   Sometimes my Grandmother Ras. would come with us and so we had two nervous nellies gripping and crying “JAY…JAY… “.  I’m pretty sure that my dad enjoyed making them yell.   I remember on one occasion, stopping along the cliff and a small black bear coming right up to our half open window  and standing on his back legs so he could see in (what were my parents thinking),   Another time I remember driving to the top of the pass and walking down past the closed road to watch the forest fire just below, scarily close.   Later my memories are with our kids and travelling over the pass with the sliding door to the van open (what were we, thinking) to enjoy the full view.  Other memories include travelling caravan style, with CB radios, with Mom and Dad (Bert & Ernie), the Wynders (Oscar the grouch), and us (Cookie Monster).   We would stop for a picnic once we reached the other side at Lake McDonald, and then throw rocks into the lake.  This summer has added to the memories, a completely heart broken, weeping wall in early summer, but somewhat consoled as summer continued, the beautiful wild flowers, the mountain goats, the mountain sheep, the moose, the deer, the three little adorable bear cubs, the many waterfalls, and of course the beautiful mountains.   Even with the construction stops, the expensive price of the pass, the annoying, slow moving tourists, a husband that traffic permitting,  (later at night), turns into a race car driver, I gotta say that I really really, love this road.






These were taken August 15th.  Luckily it was just a temporary taste of winter.